Lina Moaney is an artist, born in Lithuania 1979, that has lived and worked in the Greater Philadelphia area since coming to United States in 2001. She came to the U.S. as a student attending West Chester University, and has come to make her home in Greater Philadelphia with her husband and two children. Her recent artwork has been inspired by pop culture, her surrounding community, and her children's interests. She uses both acrylic and oil paints to create pieces that include movie themes, Philadelphia sports teams, and local interests.

As a young artist growing up in her native Lithuania, Lina was often called upon to use her unique skills in school projects that range from party invitations to prop design for school plays. Still one of her proudest accomplishments and largest projects thus far is when she painted a mural roughly 8’x10’ of characters from her childhood story books. These types of opportunities early in life gave her the freedom to express herself and develop her skills that show in her work today.